The Tradition

Blacksmithery and ironsmithery are one of the first and important crafts, which emerge upon foundation of the settlement in the IV century. Wood working develops too due to the mountain character of the surrounding area and remains the second important craft after metal working up to the XIX century. 

The Austrian ethnographer Felix Kanitz wrote in his work “Danubian Bulgaria and the Balkan” – travel papers from 1860-1879: 

“Gabrovo is a town of factories as well as of commerce. However, the burden lies on the first. It could be called the only big workshop. We can say that the town lives on water, because there is no house that does not represent some industrial branch and work mainly with water power.”

Today the company combines an ordinary tradition with the technical progress of the XXI century and the old knowledge of craftsmen and artisans from modern Europe.

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